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Ireland Actor’s Guide (IAG) is committed to presenting actors with every tool they need to pursue a rewarding career in film, whether you’re new to the industry or a professional, IAG is beneficial to everyone, including film makers looking to cast actors.

The information pages on IAG are completely open to the public, containing up to date lists of Irish Talent Agencys, Casting DirectorsHeadshot PhotographersTraining Schools, Showreel Editors, Theatre Companies…. and every other contact. There are also links to OrganisationsUnionsAwardsIrish Film and Theatre Festivals, and every other regional link.

The In The Know pages on IAG are our equivalent to FAQ when it comes to acting, answering all of the Who’s, How’s, What’s, Why’s and Where’s!

IAG also holds Ireland’s first professional open audition webpage which is only visible to actors. Film-makers may post castings directly to IAG without having to sign up, and browse through actors in the actor listings.

Actors may sign up to IAG, creating a professional actor Webpage, allowing them apply for castings, become searchable in the actor listings, update the Now Appearing section with their current appearances, mingle on the forum, and become part of the actors’ community.

IAG also organises and hosts workshops and events for its members with Irish Casting Directors and industry professionals.

Check out the Actors Appearances page to keep up to date with the TV shows, Cinema Screenings and Theatre Productions IAG actors are currently appearing in, including times and dates!!!