There are a lot of places in Ireland to start or update your acting skills. So many in fact, we simply cannot recommend one over another. What we can do, is suggest you check out our Training Listings on our Resources page where you’ll find a list of a number of institutions and private coaches Ireland has to offer.

Why do I need drama training?

The entertainment industry is an extremely competitive one, with thousands of performers competing for a small number of jobs. In such a crowded market, professional training will increase actor’s chances of success, and professionally trained artists are more likely to be represented by agencies. Drama training can begin at any age and should continue throughout an actor’s career.

How do I choose the right class?

Your first step should be to research as many different courses as possible. Have a look on each school’s website and request a prospectus. Ask around to find out where other people have trained or are training now and who they recommend. You can browse the websites, look at their alumni, and check out the coach’s backgrounds.

I have already trained to be an actor. Why do I need farther training?

Drama training should not cease as soon as you graduate or get your first job. Throughout your career you should strive to enhance your existing skills and keep up to date with the techniques new actors are being taught, even straight after drama school, in order to retain a competitive edge. You must also be prepared to learn new skills for specific roles if required. Ongoing drama training and classes can help you stay fit and active, and if you go through a period of unemployment you can keep your mind and body occupied, ready to take on your next job.